AI-based solutions for managing the health of vehicles and fleets


Whether you’re an OEM or a fleet owner, your vehicles are one of your greatest assets. Understanding and managing the health of your vehicles is critical for the success of your business. SafeRide’s VHM solution provides the information that you need to:

  • Reduce maintenance costs by identifying issues earlier and providing valuable insights to your technicians
  • Increase robustness against recalls and reduce warranty costs, including No Trouble Found and quality issues
  • Improve operational efficiency and lower the total cost of ownership by reducing unnecessary and unscheduled maintenance
  • Maximize vehicle uptime using prognosis-based maintenance

Predict and Prevent Failures

Detecting a failure after it occurs is often too late. You need vehicle insights that provide predictive and prescriptive courses of action before a failure occurs. AI-based vehicle health analytics enables game-changing opportunities to proactively manage vehicle health.

SafeRide’s VHM solutions provide the insights that you need to predict and prevent failures.

Estimate Component RUL

Knowing when a component will fail is just as important as knowing that it will fail. Accurately estimating the Remaining Useful Life (RUL) of a component is critical for vehicle health management. This helps you optimize scheduled maintenance and minimize unscheduled maintenance.

SafeRide’s VHM solutions keep your vehicles on the road and not in the garage.

Detect Malfunctions and
Performance Degradation

As vehicle performance degrades, so do your profits. Maintaining your vehicles at peak performance levels decreases your operating costs and extends the life of your vehicles. AI-based monitoring of vehicle health indicators is key to detecting these performance degradations.

SafeRide’s VHM solutions provide early detection of malfunctions and performance degradation.

Determine Root Cause

Detecting a malfunction is only the first step in managing vehicle health. In order to determine the appropriate course of action, a detected malfunction must be associated with a specific fault in a component. This not only streamlines maintenance planning, but it also reduces the cost of troubleshooting and repair.

SafeRide’s deep root-cause analysis provides actionable information to ensure that you’re addressing the root cause and not just a symptom.

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