Cybersecurity  Products

Deterministic and Heuristic Technology for
Future-Proof Security and Vehicle Health Management

SafeRide Technologies is the provider of vSentry™ – the industry leading multi-layer cybersecurity and data analytics solution for connected and autonomous vehicles that combines a state-of-the-art deterministic security solution with groundbreaking AI profiling and anomaly detection technology to provide future-proof security and vehicle health management.

vSentry™ Edge AI

vSentry™ Edge AI is an embedded and real-time network Intrusion Detection and Prevention Solution (IDPS) designed for central and zonal gateway modules. It combines a highly configurable deterministic and rule-based firewall with machine learning and deep learning technology capable of detecting zero-day cyberattacks.

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vSentry™ AI

vSentry™ AI is a cloud-based solution for fleet-level health management. It combines vehicle level insights across the fleet to improve detection, classification and prioritization of alerts. vSentry AI is designed to seamlessly integrate with the customer’s backend infrastructure and with Cyber Defense Operations Centers (CDOC) and Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions.

CAN Optimizer

CAN Optimizer is an optimization and compression software solution for CAN data. It offers efficient data delivery to the cloud and enables multiple big-data analytics applications. CAN Optimizer provides major cost saving on data transfer and storage with a lossless compression ratio more than 6 times better than other compression algorithms on the market.

vSentry™ Core

vSentry Core™ is a host-based cybersecurity software suite for connected electronic control units (ECU). It offers multi-layer policy-based, real-time, and zero false-positive protections for connectivity, network, and software. This solution detects, mitigates, logs and reports security events. vSentry Core is designed for Linux-based ECUs such as Infotainment ECUs, Telematics Control Modules and Connected Gateways. This solution provides advanced protection for connected and software-heavy ECUs where the cyber threat risk is high.

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