Turn your data into results

In today’s data-driven world, you need your vehicle data to work for you. Modern vehicles currently generate tens of gigabytes of data every hour, and that number is expected to increase a hundredfold as vehicles become increasingly autonomous. SafeRide’s data analytics solution can help you transform critical design-time information (pre-SOP) and run-time information (post-SOP) into actionable insights that drive results.

Conquer Vehicle Complexity

Vehicles are becoming increasingly complex, which strains an OEM’s ability to assure quality and meet performance requirements. This complexity also increases the time and cost of developing, tuning, and validating vehicles. AI-based data-driven insights can help you conquer vehicle complexity.

SafeRide’s data analytics insights can improve efficiency and performance while reducing your engineering development cost.

Enhance Virtual Models

Having a robust representation of your vehicle (i.e., Digital Twin) requires both high-fidelity models and precise data. Using filtered and undersampled data diminishes the usefulness of your digital twin. Ensure that your virtual model has the data that it needs by using bulk CAN data.


SafeRide’s CAN Optimizer allows you to focus on data insights rather than data gaps.

Reduce Data Costs

Whether you’re transferring CAN data to the cloud or storing it for later usage, data compression is critical for your business. SafeRide’s AI-based CAN Optimizer solution offers lossless CAN data compression with a jaw-dropping 96% compression ratio. The result is less bandwidth needed to wirelessly transfer your data and less memory needed to store your data, saving you both time and money.

Save bandwidth, time, and money using SafeRide’s CAN Optimizer solution.

Optimize Vehicle Performance

Maintaining the status quo is no longer an option in today’s highly connected world. To stay competitive, OEMs and fleet owners must continue to enhance the features and performance of their vehicles post-SOP. AI-based data analytics can provide the valuable insights that you need to optimize the performance of your vehicles.

Optimize real-world vehicle performance with SafeRide’s data analytics solution.

Understand Vehicle Usage

While their objectives may differ, OEMs and fleet owners both need to understand how their vehicles are being used. By using AI-based data-driven insights, OEMs can enable driver-specific experiences and personalize the ride to the driver behind the wheel. Similarly, fleet owners can better understand fleet and individual driver behaviors, detect vehicle abuse, and identify and mitigate risky driving patterns.

Deepen your understanding of vehicle use and abuse with SafeRide’s data analytics insights.

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