Multi-layer Cybersecurity Solutions
for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles

Vehicles are Becoming Smarter, Connected and Autonomous

According to industry reports, by 2020 98% of vehicles will be connected, making the automotive industry a contributor of 33% of all cellular devices.

Lines of code per car
New vehicles sold by 2020
Acting as newly connected cellular devices by 2020

The Future is Here and The Challenge is Real

A significant portion of the vehicles sold today already include Internet connectivity, increasing levels of autonomous driving capabilities, and infotainment services – all enabled by millions of lines of code running on multiple in-vehicle embedded computers developed without cybersecurity in mind

OEMs, fleets, suppliers, and customers are left vulnerable to cyberattacks and financial and safety risks

The technological transformation exposes passengers safety and privacy,  and business operations, intellectual property, and reputation to enormous risk.

Vehicle Safety

Personal Data & Privacy

Human Life

Company Secrets

Vendor Reputation

Business Operations

Intellectual Property

"The automotive industry is a $5T market that is afraid to move."
Anonymoius, Feb 2017
"Hackers are the real obstacle for self driving cars"
Tech Review, Aug 2017
"Average Annual Transportation Cyber Attack cost is $5.79B"
Nov 2016
"Cyber-crime Cost Projected to Reach $2 Trillion by 2019"
Forbes, Jan 2016

Deterministic and Heuristic Technology
for Future-Proof Security

SafeRide Technologies is the provider of vSentry™ – the industry leading multi-layer cybersecurity solution for connected and autonomous vehicles that combines state-of-the-art deterministic security solution with a groundbreaking AI profiling and anomaly detection technology to provide future proof security.

With a flexible, open, software suite powered by advanced behavioural analytics algorithms at the core, the solution enables easy adaptation to any vehicle platform and application, and provides advanced analytics for identifying and protecting against more threat patterns in earlier stages of their lifecycle.

vSentry™ Core – Cybersecurity software suite for connected ECUs

vSentry™ AI – Behavioral profiling and anomaly detection software

vSentry™ Cloud – Fleet-level protection and security management

The software suite offers a wide variety of open interfaces for application programming (API), and field configuration tools.

vSentry Core™ is a multi-layer deterministic and policy- based solution providing real-time zero false-positive protections for connectivity, in-vehicle network and software. It detects, mitigates, logs and reports security events.

vSentry™ AI provides vehicle-level protection against zero-day attacks based on SafeRide’s vXRay™ Machine Learning and Deep Learning technology. It uncovers unknown vulnerabilities before the attack happens.

vSentry™ Cloud is a real-time alert, remediation and key management software for Security Operation Centers (SOC). It compares and identifies patterns, prevents malware spread and enforces security policy.

A Complete Array of Value-Added Cyber Security Services

The solution also includes an array of complementing cyber security services

 The set of services includes penetration tests, hacking simulations, digital forensics, and a 24 hour Cyber Defense Operation Center (CDOC) which provides multi-layer monitoring and response capabilities. The CDOC constantly exchanges security updates, while a separate team challenges the security framework around the clock, through the cyber services suite.








Drive your business, safely

"Executives list cyber attack vulnerability as their most important IoT concern"
Ponemon, Aug 2015
"Hackers Remotely Kill a Jeep on the Highway"
Wired, Jul 2015
"Hacker claimed to have taken over flight's engine controls"
CNN, May 2015
"Driverless Cars Could Be Used as Lethal Weapons"
FBI, Jul 2014

executive team

Industry leading experts in AI and Machine Learning and communication networks with military-intelligence level expertise in cybersecurity and proven track record in delivering world-class commercial solutions to the Enterprise, Mobile and Automotive markets. Leveraging over 20 years of experience to accelerate cybersecurity applications in the Automotive space.

Yossi Vardi
Co-Founder & CEO
Hilik Stein
Co-Founder & CTO
Ariel Romano, CFO
Prof. Irad Ben-Gal,
Chief Scientist
Gil Reiter
Vice President, 
Product & Marketing
Danny Loeb
Vice President,
Alliances & Partners

saferide board

Dr Ralf Voss
Ron Gafni
William Lau
Doug Lowther
Dr Ralf Voss – Transportation Executive. Previously CEO, Advisor and Senior Executive at leading transportation corporates , including Daimler , Hella and Knorr- Bremse.
Ron Gafni – Equity Investment and Strategic Management executive with hands-on experience in leading multinational businesses. Expert in executing growth strategies and financial performance. Owner of G-Foresight and former CEO of multi-national enterprises.
William Lau – Chief Technology Officer ST Engineering Land Systems Ltd., 
Doug Lowther – CEO of Irdeto, brings extensive experience developing and executing successful business growth strategies in the fields of digital television, wireless networking, IP-based services and software security.

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