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Vehicle Health Management, Data Analytics, and Cybersecurity Solutions for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles

SafeRide’s AI-based Solutions That Transform Vehicle Data Into Business Results

Vehicles are Becoming Smarter, Connected, Autonomous...
and Exponentially More Complex

According to industry reports, 70% of all new vehicles will be
connected by 2023 and 38% of all new vehicles will have
advanced driver assistance features by 2030.

Lines of code per car
Connected vehicles sold by 2023
ADAS equipped vehicles sold by 2030

The Problem

Increasing vehicle complexity leaves OEMs, fleet owners, suppliers, and customers vulnerable to vehicle malfunctions, cyberattacks, and financial and safety risks

A significant portion of the vehicles sold today already include internet connectivity, increasing levels of autonomous driving capabilities, and infotainment services – all enabled by millions of lines of code running on multiple in-vehicle embedded computers. These embedded computers are increasingly networked together and interdependent, escalating the overall complexity of the vehicle and leaving it susceptible to unforeseen development challenges, component malfunctions, and cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

This technological transformation leaves OEMs, fleet owners, suppliers, and customers vulnerable to vehicle malfunctions, breakdowns, and cyberattacks. It exposes passengers’ safety and privacy to enormous risk. And it presents tremendous challenges for OEMs to limit their vehicle development investments and warranty claims costs, assure their customers’ safety and security, and protect their business operations, intellectual property, and reputation.

The Solution

Vehicle Insights, Anomaly Detection, and Prognostics - All Driven by AI-based Technology

image of a Man-Holding-Magnifying-Glass-to-Car

SafeRide Technologies is the provider of vSentry™ – the industry leading vehicle health management and cybersecurity solutions for connected and autonomous vehicles. It offers a vehicle health management solution that predicts and prevents failures, detects malfunctions and performance degradation, and yields actionable insights based on deep root-cause analysis. vSentry™ also provides a multi-layer defense against cyberattacks and future-proof security by combining a state-of-the-art deterministic security solution with groundbreaking AI profiling and anomaly detection technology.

vSentry™ Edge AI – Embedded behavioral profiling, intrusion detection, and vehicle health management solution using Machine Learning & Deep Learning technology

vSentry™ AI – Cloud-based behavioral profiling, intrusion detection, and fleet-level vehicle health management software solution using Machine Learning & Deep Learning technology

CAN Optimizer – Efficient delivery of in-vehicle data to the cloud, based on machine learning data compression technology

vSentry™ Core – Multi-layer cybersecurity software suite for connected ECUs

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