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Real solutions for real automotive
cyber challenges

Saferide technology provides a next-generation, fully comprehensive holistic approach to cyber-security and the automotive industry, giving automotive equipment manufacturers the confidence to innovate and create value for their OEM customers, in a completely secure framework. With SafeRide technology, automotive equipment manufacturers can develop Electronic Control Units (ECUs) and gateways for connected vehicles, telematics and infotainment, with complete peace of mind.

Protection: Inside & Out

Saferide’s VSentry system protects not just some, but all of the vehicle’s computerized elements. Built and designed with the benefit of key insights from the attacker’s perspective, VSentry both prevents and blocks malicious attempts on communication channels, ECU vulnerabilities, access to information and the implementation of malignant code.

VSentry Software.

Fully comprehensive cyber threat protection blue-car


VSentry Core Security monitors and secures the vehicle’s core subsystem components. By segregating the internal network, monitoring all internal communication and blocking unauthorized messages which violate the static policy, VSentry ensures that the entire interior computerized system is fully secured.


VSentry Perimeter Security Software is the system’s first line of defense, forming a protective armor around the entire vehicle to defend against external threats. Made up of multiple protective layers, it both monitors and secures all cellular, WLAN and WPAN networks.


VSentry's cloud-based Cyber Defense Operation Center (CDOC) facility enables service providers to offer:

  • Real Time Security Status analytics

  • Response to newly discovered security threats

  • Big Data analysis and discovery of new types of security threats

SafeRide value-added cyber services

In addition, SafeRide offers cyber services including: penetration tests, hacking simulation, digital forensics, and a 24 hour Cyber Defense Operation Center (CDOC) which provides multi-layer monitoring and response capabilities. The CDOC constantly exchanges security updates, while a separate team challenges the security framework around the clock, through the cyber services suite.

It's not enough to think you are safe. You must be able to prove it.


Drive your business, safely